Nginx Start But Web Is Not Showing Digitlocean

Nginx Start But Web Is Not Showing Digitlocean


It is not uncommon for web developers to encounter an issue in which their Nginx instance will start, but the associated website does not show up on the Digitlocean web server. This can be incredibly frustrating, as web developers may not know how to solve the issue. It is important to find the accurate solution in order to ensure that the website is correctly displayed on the Digitlocean web server.

Understanding the Problem

The source of the issue can be quite complex, as there could be various factors involved with the website not being displayed in the Digitlocean web server. Generally, the issue can be related to a variety of network, hardware, and software-related issues. This could include DNS configuration problems, misconfigured firewalls, and other software errors.

Configuring Access to the Server

In order to display the website on the Digitlocean web server, you should first make sure that you have access to the server. This can be done by configuring the proper permissions and port forwarding. Permissions are established by logging into the Digitlocean dashboard and selecting the “Networking” option in the menu. From here, you should be able to configure the various networking preferences, such as port forwarding, static IP address, and DNS configurations.

Ensuring the Server is Running Nginx

If connecting to the server works and the server displays a connection, the next step is to make sure that the correct web server is running. This means verifying that the server is running Nginx. To check if Nginx is running, you should use the command “ps -aux | grep nginx” while logged into the server.

Verifying the Nginx Configuration Files

The next step is to make sure that the Nginx configuration files are working correctly. This can be done by verifying the syntax of the configuration files in the “/etc/nginx/” directory. This should include the following files: “nginx.conf”, “mime.types”, and “conf.d”. Once the syntax is verified, you can also enable logging to determine if there are any errors that may be preventing the website from being displayed.

Troubleshooting Common Nginx Issues

If verifying the configuration files does not resolve the issue, it is likely that there are misconfigured settings for the Nginx instance. For example, the “server_name” settings may be incorrect and should be updated to the proper domain name. Additionally, the “include” directive may be incorrect and can be checked by verifying the “/etc/nginx/conf.d” directory for the correct settings. Once the settings are corrected, Nginx should be restarted to ensure that the settings take effect.


In conclusion, Nginx may start but the website may not be displayed on the Digitlocean web server. This can be due to network, hardware, or software-related issues. To resolve the issue, it is important to verify access to the server, check that Nginx is running, and troubleshoot any misconfigured settings. Once all settings are properly configured, Nginx should be restarted in order for the changes to take effect.


Q: What is Nginx?

A: Nginx is a web server software used to serve web pages over the internet.

Q: What could cause website not to appear on Digitlocean?

A: The website not appearing on Digitlocean could be due to network-related issues, misconfigured permissions, or incorrect Nginx configuration settings.

Q: How do I verify Nginx is running?

A: Nginx can be verified is running by running the command “ps -aux | grep nginx” while logged into the server.

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