Nginx Vs Apache WordPress Benchmark

Nginx Vs Apache WordPress Benchmark

What Are Nginx and Apache?

Nginx and Apache are two of the most popular web server software applications on the market today. Nginx is a lightweight and open-source web server software application, developed by Igor Sysoev in 2004 and licensed under a two-clause BSD license. Apache is an open-source web server software application, originally developed in 1995 by the Apache Software Foundation.

Both web servers are suitable for running various web-based applications and they can serve pages to millions of simultaneous visitors quickly and securely. With both web server software applications, you can create and configure multiple web applications, as well as manage them in one simple interface.

Nginx vs Apache Architecture

The architecture of each of the two web server software applications is vastly different. Nginx has a single-thread, event-driven model, which allows it to process multiple simultaneous requests with a low memory footprint. It also runs on a single process, which means that memory utilization is much less. Apache, on the other hand, is multi-threaded and can process multiple requests at the same time, which requires more memory.

Nginx is also slightly faster than Apache when it comes to serving static files and generally performs better under high loads. Apache, however, is better at handling dynamic content by making use of modules. As a result, it is often used for serving sites that require a lot of custom scripting and code.

Advantages of Nginx Over Apache

First and foremost, Nginx has a much lower memory footprint than Apache. This means that it is capable of handling more simultaneous requests with a smaller resource pool. Additionally, since it processes requests in a single process, it does not require additional resources for thread management and synchronization.

In addition, Nginx is much faster than Apache when it comes to serving static files. By using Nginx, you can serve large files quickly to millions of simultaneous visitors without any noticeable decrease in performance. Finally, Nginx is also more secure than Apache as it has fewer modules and is less prone to security vulnerabilities.

Advantages of Apache Over Nginx

Apache is more powerful than Nginx when it comes to handling dynamic content. It allows users to take advantage of large numbers of modules and custom scripting to create complex websites. Additionally, Apache has a larger community of users and developers who are more likely to create patches and upgrades should any vulnerabilities arise.

Also, Apache is much more mature than Nginx and has been around for a long time. This means that it is less likely to contain bugs and is better tested under various server environments. Furthermore, Apache can usually handle larger loads with less of an impact on the performance of the server.

Nginx vs Apache WordPress Benchmark

In terms of WordPress hosting, Apache is always the preferred choice. While both Nginx and Apache can be used to host WordPress websites, Apache has more modules and is more suitable for large-scale dynamic WordPress sites. This is due to its ability to handle larger loads without it affecting the performance of the server.

Nginx, however, is still a good option for WordPress hosting if you require a lightweight and scalable web server. It is capable of handling huge amounts of traffic with limited resources and is far faster than Apache when it comes to serving static files.


In conclusion, both Nginx and Apache are excellent web server software applications that are well suited for running various web-based applications. However, if you are looking for a web server for your WordPress site, Apache is always the better choice due to its ability to handle more dynamic content with fewer resources.


Q: What is the difference between Nginx and Apache?

A: The main difference between Nginx and Apache is that Nginx is a single-thread, event-driven web server software application while Apache is a multi-threaded and more powerful web server software application.

Q: Is Apache better than Nginx?

A: It really depends on the type of application you are running. Nginx is a lightweight and fast web server software application, perfect for serving static or cached content. Apache is more powerful and versatile, perfect for serving dynamic content such as a WordPress website.

Q: Is Nginx faster than Apache?

A: Yes, Nginx is generally faster than Apache when it comes to serving static content. However, Apache can handle more load and is better for managing dynamic content.

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