Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out Plesk

Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out Plesk

What is Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out?

NGINX 504 Gateway Time-Out is one of the most common errors you may encounter while running websites or applications. This error is displayed when a server is unable to connect to a service or resource, such as a website or application. It is a client-side error caused by the inability of the server to fulfill the request sent to it. It could be due to a network issue, misconfigured server settings, or a resource timeout.

The error message generally reads as below:

“504 Gateway Time-Out” Error: The server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, did not receive a timely response from the upstream server it accessed in attempting to complete the request.

How to Debug Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out?

Debugging Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out can be a tricky and complex process, depending on the circumstances. However, here are some steps that can help diagnose and fix the issue:

1. Check the log files: Most web and application servers have log files where they record their activities. These log files can often help identify and pinpoint the issue, as they may contain detailed information about the problem. For example, if an unfamiliar IP address has been accessing your server, this may be the cause of the error.

2. Check the network: If the error occurred due to a network issue, such as a connection failure between two services, investigating the network can help identify the source of the problem. This can be accomplished by tracking traffic on the network, checking the status of firewalls, and analyzing service connections.

3. Check the resource: If a resource on the server is timing out, it can trigger a 504 Gateway Time-Out error. This can be the result of a server misconfiguration or the server being overloaded. The best way to determine if a resource is the cause of the problem is to check the resource utilization of the server, such as CPU and memory usage.

4. Check server configurations: It is possible that misconfigured server settings could be the source of the issue. In cases like these, it is important to check the server settings, particularly timeout settings. If the server is set to timeout requests after a certain period of time, it could be triggering the 504 Gateway Time-Out error.

Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out in Plesk

Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out errors can occur in Plesk, especially when running web applications. If a web application is failing, the first thing to do is to check the log files to see if the issue is logged. If a resource is timing out, then it is important to check the server configuration and resource utilization. If the cause is not apparent, then other tools, such as strace, can be applied to track down the issue.

Plesk provides a few specific tools that can help debug and resolve Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out errors. The Watchdog tool provides detailed log data to help identify the source of the problem. It also provides metrics on resource utilization and the ability to trigger events or additional logging based on various conditions. In addition, Plesk also offers a site-specific trace tool that can be used to track down root cause of timeouts.

Tools to Troubleshoot Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out

There are several tools that can be used to troubleshoot Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out errors. As mentioned above, Plesk’s Watchdog tool and site-specific trace tools provide valuable data to help diagnose the issue. In addition, there are other general tools that can be used to analyze the server, such as system monitoring tools, log aggregation software, and packet analyzers.

System monitoring tools are designed to measure and analyze resources such as CPU and memory usage. This information can be used to determine whether the server is overloaded and triggering 500 errors. Log aggregation software can also be useful in tracking down the cause of failures. It collects log data from across the system, making it easier to identify patterns or changes in the server’s behavior.

Finally, packet analyzers can be applied to capture and analyze traffic flowing to and from the server. This data can be invaluable in tracking down the source of network-related issues. These tools can be used to identify the source of the issue and help develop a resolution.

Can We Fix Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out?

Yes, it is possible to fix Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out errors. As mentioned above, first use the log files and server and network monitoring software to identify the cause of the issue. Once the cause is identified and fixed, the error should disappear.

For example, if a resource is the cause, it may be necessary to upgrade existing hardware or expand the server, which can be a costly proposition. Similarly, if the server configuration is the source of the error, it may require the assistance of a system administrator to engineer a solution.


Nginx 504 Gateway Time-Out errors can be difficult and time-consuming to track down, but it is possible to resolve them. Debugging the issue requires a combination of log files, network monitoring, and server configuration. Once the source of the issue is identified, it can be resolved either by addressing the issue directly or by upgrading existing hardware or other resources.

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