Auto Redirect To Https In Lets Encrypt Nginx

Auto Redirect To Https In Lets Encrypt Nginx

What is Lets Encrypt Nginx?

Lets Encrypt Nginx is an open source program created with the intention of making it easier to securely configure and manage web servers. It helps website administrators to create SSL/TLS certificates and deploy them without having to manually configure them. This provides protection for websites against security threats and makes it easier for visitors to access them securely.

What Is the Need for an Auto Redirect to HTTPS?

An auto redirect to HTTPS is important for making websites more secure and easier to use. By automatically redirecting visitors to the secure HTTPS version of a website, website admins can protect visitors from any potential security threats and ensure that their data is secure.

How to Auto Redirect to HTTPS in Lets Encrypt Nginx?

Using Lets Encrypt Nginx, auto redirecting to HTTPS is relatively easy. For starters, make sure that you have your certificate set up. Then add the following code to your Nginx configuration file:

server {
listen 80;
return 301 https://$host$request_uri;

This code will redirect any requests made to the server over port 80 (standard http port) to the secured https version. This ensures that all visitors are automatically redirected to the secure version of the website.

What Are the Benefits of Auto Redirecting in Lets Encrypt Nginx?

The main benefit of automatically redirecting visitors to the secure version of a website is the increased security it provides. By using HTTPS, data is encrypted during transfer and can only be seen by the intended recipient. This ensures that all data transferred remains private and protected from potential security threats. Additionally, an auto redirect to HTTPS can also improve the user experience as visitors can easily access the secured version of a website.

Are There Any Limitations of Using Lets Encrypt Nginx For Auto Redirect?

The biggest limitation of using Lets Encrypt Nginx for auto redirecting is that it can only be used for websites hosted on Nginx. While Nginx is a popular web server, not all websites are hosted on it. Additionally, Lets Encrypt Nginx is only able to auto redirect to the secured version of websites. There is no option to auto redirect to a website’s mobile version or to a different subdomain.


In conclusion, Lets Encrypt Nginx provides a simple way to automatically redirect visitors to the secure version of a website. By redirecting visitors to HTTPS, website admins can protect their visitors against potential security threats and provide them with a better user experience. However, it should be noted that it is only able to redirect to the secure version of websites, and cannot automatically redirect visitors to a mobile version or different subdomain.

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