Install Postgis Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx

Install Postgis Ubuntu 18.04 Nginx

What is Postgis?

Postgis is a Postgres-based open source geographic information system (GIS) that enables users to store, query, and analyze spatial data stored in a Postgres database. Postgis offers a range of tools and functions to help query and analyze this data, including proximity searches, spatial joins, and spatially enabled functions. Postgis provides a powerful way to manage your geographical data, making it the perfect fit for applications such as web and mobile mapping, geospatial data analysis, and GIS visualization.

What is Ubuntu 18.04?

Ubuntu 18.04 is a long-term support release of the popular open-source Linux-based operating system. The release includes the Linux Kernel 4.15, which provides improved hardware and driver support, as well as support for a number of new software packages. Ubuntu 18.04 also includes a range of desktop environments, including the popular GNOME 3.28 desktop environment.

What is Nginx?

Nginx is an open-source web server that is designed for high performance and scalability. It can be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, and much more. Nginx is widely used, and has been the web server responsible for powering some of the largest websites, such as the popular Reddit. Nginx is known for its low resource usage, excellent performance, and robust security.

How to Install Postgis on Ubuntu 18.04

The first step is to install the Postgres package and the dependencies it requires. To do this run:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib

Once the packages have been installed and configured, you can then install Postgis. This can be done with the following command:

sudo apt-get install postgis

You can then create a database and configure it to enable the Postgis extensions. To do this run:

sudo -u postgres psql

c postgres


How to Install Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04

Once Postgis has been installed and configured, the next step is to install and configure Nginx. To install Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04, use the following command:

sudo apt-get install nginx

Once the installation is complete, you need to configure Nginx. This can be done by editing the nginx config file, located at “/etc/nginx/nginx.conf”. You can then start and enable Nginx with the following commands:

sudo systemctl start nginx

sudo systemctl enable nginx


Installing and configuring Postgis on Ubuntu 18.04 with Nginx is a relatively simple process. The steps outlined above will allow you to get up and running quickly and securely. Once the installation and configuration are complete, you are ready to start using Postgis and Nginx for your own projects.


Q1. Is Postgis included in Ubuntu 18.04 ?

Yes, Postgis is included in Ubuntu 18.04.

Q2. Where is the nginx config file located?

The nginx config file is located at “/etc/nginx/nginx.conf”.

Q3. Is Nginx suitable for high performance applications?

Yes, Nginx is an open-source web server that is designed for high performance and scalability.

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